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IELTS Test Centre
ESP Foundation is the official IELTS Test Centre in...

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IELTS 3 week preparation courseThe IELTS three week preparation...
IELTS Test Centre ESP Foundation is the official IELTS Test Centre...

News and Announcements


IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

Due to Lunar New Year Celebration, Test Report Forms (hard copy) will be issued on Monday February 19, 2018, after 2:00PM.

However, you can preview your results online on Friday, February 16, 2018.


Steps for online result checking:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select Test Date
  3. Select Birthday
  4. Write your Identification Document number that was used on test day
    • Mongolian National ID card - Registration number (Letters should be in capital)
    • Passport - Passport number
  5. Write your 6 digits candidate number that was given to you on test day
  6. We apologize for the delay in delivery of Test Report Forms.

IELTS Test Centre

IELTS test Registration Date

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

May 05, 2018 test registration is open.

For more information, please contact IELTS Test Centre at +976 11 321517

Change in IELTS Test fee starting from 01/01/2018

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

The IELTS test fee will be changed from 1 January 2018 due to the change of the IELTS central fee for 2018.

The IELTS fee: increases from 505,000 tugrugs to 509,900 tugrugs.

The new fee will come into operation from 1 January 2018.

UKVI and IELTS Life Skills

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

UKVI for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2 tests each year, in the month of June and December.The registration and payment is only online at the below link: 

Before you register for the IELTS or IELTS UKVI or IELTS Life Skills test we recommend you to check with your institutions which tests they require to take.

Tests for 2018: 30 June and 1 December

Note: The speaking part takes place either the day before the main test or on the Saturday afternoon.

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